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Sick Industry Lyrics

Album Name : Burning Bridges to Nowhere
Release Date : 2009-04-28
Song Duration : 2:25

Witch Hunt Sick Industry
Bodies lined up waiting for a cure
Patients waiting patiently,
Their backs up against the wall
We'll keep you in line
With the prospect of a universal plan-scam
We'll keep you in line
With the fear of a so-called socialist plot
You'll remain divided in this sick industry
You're barely living in our sick industry
Another politician's pockets lined
By the healthcare lobby
But hope's an option...

Waiting hours on the phone
For god's voice to pick up the line
Didn't mention your preexisting condition?
Now you're left behind
By pharma-prostitutes who offer no hand-outs
An apple a day won't keep their collectors away
Work all your life for their sick industry
Paying up the ass for some sense of security
In fifty years who will take care of me?
Hope's an option...
But the future looks bleak

We're barely living in their sick industry
We're bought and sold by this sick industry
Reform is a joke in their sick industry
But hope's an option...

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