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Reflections Lyrics

Album Name : Burning Bridges to Nowhere
Release Date : 2009-04-28
Song Duration : 2:31

Witch Hunt Reflections
Don't know how to cope
With these empty feelings
Struggling in this world
Life can be so hard
Trying to make it through
To keep my stability
Lift my head out of the water
But I'm drowning too fast
I want to numb it all
And still feel at the same time...
Things could have been different
If you tried a little harder
You would still be here
And we could work it out
Correct the past mistakes
Before it's too late
Because everyday is worth living
Can't change the past
All I can do is learn
I want to fight harder
And I want to give up
Drink until I can't think
To forget the pain
That will not leave me
It's weighing me down
Will not disappear
But I am still stuck here...
Try to take the pain away
But I still want to feel
Tomorrow will be a better day
Even without you here
No matter how hard it gets
I'll try to crack a smile
I'm still left with hope
To do what's best for me
Your laugh lingers in my mind
As I hold on to your memory.

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