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The Appetite Within Lyrics

Winterchylde The Appetite Within

Lying awake, envisioning your presence
I imagine your lips warming my flesh
Drinking your breath and consuming your mind
Embracing this passion in the veil of night
As candles burn, tears of wax become voyeurs set in awe
And our shadows dance together in the light upon the wall
Crashing waves of pleasure are washed onto our shores
And sweaty screams of ecstacy destroy the inhibitions we
Allow me to fulfill your darkest of fantasies

Relax and indulge inside your deepest of desires
Trust me with the most precious of your secrets
And mine with you, quenching my thirst for your fire
The curious glow of your hypnotic eyes compels me to pull
you near
As I lose myself inside of you I am absolved of the
solitude I fear
I want you to understand how I need you to complete me
Erupting in the storm of your spirit in this dream
We are but servants to ourselves with a tormenting hunger
to release
Let this hollow starvation of deserved love cease
My unsurpassed craving to please your aggressive lust for
Is as demanding for your submissive deliverance as the
appetite within

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