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Flames Lyrics

Winterchylde Flames

Distant eyes hold my soul in uncertain mercy
As an icy chill ascends the core of my being
No draft nor breeze has blown
Storms of passion and desire sweep these empty skies of
fantasy and splendor
But in this cell I am alone
Shadows mock my hunger with maniacal laughter
Those with knowledge of the future
Again I feel your hands slide smooth over my skin
Sensations of warmth and comfort wash over my weary
Your breath kisses my neck
Shutting out the soft glow of fire and wax
I shed a single tear
This night I awaken
The scent of a new storm is upon me, and I know it is
No words can persuade
No fear can dissolve
No death can bring terror to my heart
We unite in the dream state
A single creature of two souls and pure understanding
Our essence flows freely
Writhing in pleasures and pain
We are not lost
The shadows beckon

But their words are weak and their laughter becomes
cries of agony
Such sweet release
A portrayal of beauty
Together upon silken sheets of bliss
Our legs entwined and we are joined
One kiss
One single touch
Lips made wet from tongues and heat
The aching is banished
Nothing remains but the flavor of you and the flavor of
In your embrace
No shadows may reach me
No deceit may influence
And only we are real
I am bound to you
There is no escape and no attempt shall ever be made
In my embrace
No shadows may reach you
No light devour
And no harm surround
We shall endure the storm
Reaching from deep love
Through the loss of pain and the smiles of
I touch you
Flames of desire consume us once more, as we burn
A passionate fire no peaceful ocean could betray

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