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Drunk Driver Lyrics

Wilder Maker Drunk Driver

He lay hands on my shoulder asked me how i'd been like any fool he thought he'd be forever king
But those who rise on handouts sit on paper thrones it just takes one lit match or steady time to f..ck em in their hearts
The way your life disintegrates during someone's thursday bar shift and the band plays on
The way your life disintegrates in plain view on the dance floor to the sound of high lifes popping

And the band plays on

Oh god
Drank whiskey from a silver flask on Bushwick Avenue that caught the street light sucker bright
By the deli window with old sodas sitting sunbleached in the shimmering night
Untouched for years and out of date who had I been when they went fresh into the light
I drank away the obvious truth of bodies secrets hiding sadder than you'd think
Think til reality seizured around me an innocent thursday the worst day
An innocent thursday the worst day of my life I'll scatter his teeth beat him clean but an emptiness grins
And I know it's a game I can't win tossing turning in rage futile as a hooked fish
Stains the wood til the sun stained the sky as the fisherman smiles and he takes off the head and finally i slept

And the band plays on

Oh god
I loved her with no thought for me, reckless as a drunk driver exhales and turns the key

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