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Absolute Beauty Lyrics

Wendy Mcneill Absolute Beauty
The violet lining of a thunder cloud
The smell of it as the rain pours down
It gathers bits of brokeness
Shards of glass, leaves and sticks
Like a ringing bell like a jewelled fist
Like souls i know and what they confess
There's a beauty in this

While crying for better i've been spared the worst
Never dealt with more than existential thirst
A one up, a pot shot, a gimme gimme all you've got
How can i be shocked when the shark bites
I've been swimming with steak in my pockets all my life

People kill each other i can understand it
Just spend 3 hours stuck in a mall or traffic
Neurotics getting worshipped while the heroes work the Fields
The shadow of the glamour trumps the magic of the real
Oh it's getting murky down here
Where is the beauty?

That was just a question and this is just a song
In a big old world full of folks done wrong
Brave hopes, big dreams and failed attempts
But sometimes a promise does get kept
And there is beauty in this
Absolute beauty

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