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The Longing Lyrics

We Know Karate The Longing

She's armed and dangerous
With her charm and a fatal kiss
I would take on the world just to make her smile

Down, over on seneca street
There's a girl who's got me tripping over my own feet
Now, she's in the passenger seat
So I'll take the long way home
Just to keep her next to me a little longer
I just don't want this ride to end
I wish that we could drive forever
We'll just keep chasing the sunset

My heart can't wait for this
And you are my favorite mistake
I won't take another breath just so she can breathe

All I want is to hear you say you get the same rush
That I get whenever we touch
All I know is what I really want now is you
Wrapped up in my arms and tattooed
Just the way you are

These sparks burst into flames
And my heart is yours to take

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