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The Ghost And The Goodbye Lyrics

Album Name : Random Acts of Regret
Release Date : 2011-05-14
Song Duration : 6:50

We Know Karate The Ghost And The Goodbye

Do you think that she remembers me?
I've heard she thinks a lot, but I've heard a lot of things
But when we danced, the time that passed
On that summer night went by too fast
Someone else's ring is on her finger
But she's a saint, and I'm her sinner

I'm the ghost of wishful thinking
I'm the one you wish you had
I'm the one who's on your mind
But not the one holding your hand
I've got nothing left to say to you tonight
So I guess this is goodbye

Do you think he knows about me?
I'd love to be her secret
But can she even keep it?
Maybe I should just let her go

Just let me be her accident in waiting
I'll be waiting...

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