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That's Alright Lyrics

Album Name : Life On the Boardwalk - Swing, Surf & Rockabilly
Release Date : 1999-01-01
Song Duration : 1:39

War Rocket Ajax That's Alright

Get all you can - Can all you get.
Sit on the lid and spoil the rest.
That's the way that's the best.

Lookin' out for number one.
Forget the price as long as it's fun.
And have the most toys when it's done.

That's alright and that o.k.
It feels good so I'll just live for today.
That's alright and that's o.k.

All the boys and all the girls.
They play the game and they count the spoils that's the way of the world.

Choose today who you will serve.
Hot or cold if you've got the nerve.
Then when push comes to shove.
Rise above!
Yeah rise above!

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