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Counterfeit Lyrics

Album Name : I Lost My Mind
Release Date : 2000-01-01
Song Duration : 1:59

War Rocket Ajax Counterfeit

How are you doing?
How have you been?
Yeah it's good seeing you again.
Why did I leave your company?
I thought that it was plain to see.
You know it's been so long.
I hope this doesn't come out all wrong.
But I had to separate myself.
From those who put the truth on a shelf.

I don't want no counterfeit.
Don't wanna see you throw a fit.
I don't want no counterfeit.

I hope you don't feel you've been attacked.
Or that you've been stuck in the back.
It's just that I can't turn my head.
You're good intentions left me for dead.

"You gotta fake it 'till you make it."

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