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Go With You Lyrics

Album Name : I Lost My Mind
Release Date : 2000-01-01
Song Duration : 1:44

War Rocket Ajax Go With You

It's a long way to the top.
But it's a longer way down.
I know that you don't often drop.
By my side of town.

Spent a quarter century.
On the wrong side of the tracks.
But I left my old life.
And I'm never going back.

I'll go with you.
I know it's true.
I'll see it through.
I'll go with you.

The day I told me friends.
That I'd be hanging out with you.
They laughed behind my back.
But there was nothing I could do.
Even though I knew.
That hey would not understand.
There ain't no turning back.
When you've met the Son of Man.

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