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Two Tickets And A Room Lyrics

Walking Papers Two Tickets And A Room

By the time they touched down they already had a few
When your on vacation I guess that's just what people do
The checked into a room they had a couple more
They made Love on the blankets against the wall and on the floor
Two tickets and a room

They laid by the pool to take in the sun
She flagged down a waitress and said “I'd like to have another one”
She turned into some one else some one he hadn't known before
She left her purse by the register at the liquor store
She showed him her teeth the scenario was classic
She broke a heel and walked barefoot directly into oncoming traffic
This city never sleeps She had no idea where she was going
She tore her dress peeing in the bushes now half her ass was showing
Two tickets and a room

She told him it was over and went off in all directions
He saved her life more than once at several intersections
When the police arrived they had no interest in what he had to say
He found himself in handcuffs watching her walk away
Two tickets and a room

The night the lights went out in Vegas

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