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The Butcher Lyrics

Walking Papers The Butcher

Who knows how he got out early
How he got a second chance
It's funny who we meet
In a back of an ambulance
Sometimes the guy gets lucky
And this time it was with a nurse
Just when things can get no worse
So she moved in a stranger
I could tell it was no good
But mothers do all sorts of things
That their babies don't think they should
He introduced us to his demons
We started moving in reverse
Just when things can get no worse
Well that's when they do, baby
So when they finally found his body
He'd been layin' out their for weeks
Seems he and the butcher knife went dancing
Must have been cheek to cheek
She started talking crazy
'bout a pistol in her purse
Just when things can't get no worse
That's when they do, baby

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