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Terror Lyrics

Album Name : Nowhere to Hide
Release Date : 2002-01-01
Song Duration : 1:51

Virus Terror
Is life for people on the streets
Rejected for who you are
By everyone you meet
Is knowing that tomorrow you might die
You can't get on your feet no matter
How you try
Is carrying all the things you own
Never having anywhere that you
Can call a home

This is terror... And we've had enough

Is a child that can't get enough to eat
A victim of society- cast out on the street
Is growing up without knowing what is home
At the age of ten being all alone
Why do these people have to die?
Why can't we look them right in the eyes

This is terror... And we've had enough

Another innocent is raped
Another act of violence
Make no mistake
Is knowing that the city isn't safe
And this is where we make our home
And where our child play
Is knowing that with everything you own
You could be dead
Or all alone

This is terror... And we've had enough

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