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It's All Gone Weird Lyrics

Album Name : Carheart
Release Date : 2007-01-15
Song Duration : 5:39

Virus It's All Gone Weird

bicuspids are on and my shield is [fully / pulling] my mirror reflection scorch my eyes

with my voices like whispering [into / in turks] like howling dogs i sing

before weeds, we must feed and water the animals and before we sleep we must be free of distractions

eyes are trembling [wet / let] warm and wet and the ocean is seeping a glitch in the system stillborn waters stillborn and coolant and waves are shifting in turns and respect

its all gone weird

escalating madness in a [fluffy white/floppy light] white dress the crowd rejected through exhibitant [mirage/mirrors]

whence do i felt the sweat of the youthful from the laughter the highway; hear the engine roar

its all gone weird

its all gone weird

bicuspids are worn and my shields are all sticky with the semen of gods with my eyes peeled and closed and [trickled / rippled] with laughter and the boiling car heart angel [wreck / wretch]

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