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You're Just Ugly Lyrics

Album Name : The Drug Is Football
Release Date : 2003-01-01
Song Duration : 4:23

Vanilla Muffins You're Just Ugly

I roll my eyes and crane my neck
my blood pressure's going down
I have trembling hands, my eyes are red
I feel like I'm gonna drown
what I have done to deserve a massive heart attack
I wanna die or at least I'm going to collaps

On an empty stomach i just heard
we have a family meeting
I don't think that we should talk
at the same time we are eating
between my uncle and my granny
is a very dangerous place
she dribbles in my beer
he spits chicken in my face

Let me be silly till my glass is empty
Let me be silly till all the guests wanna leave
Let me be silly it's new year's eve
Let me be silly it's Halloween
Let me be silly acting the clown
cause you're just ugly!

I call the doc and I take the pills
I've been taking for many years
he calms me down, my breath comes back
as he takes away my fears
in the end I remark
that we all are getting old
I think talking is silver
but laughing is pure gold


I'm not in good health but my mind at least is clear
why must we repeat this travesty every year?


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