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Smash All Your Feelings Lyrics

Album Name : Sugar Oi! Will Win!!!
Release Date : 2002-04-22
Song Duration : 3:07

Vanilla Muffins Smash All Your Feelings

The look your face,today you're really pale
and all mates of you don't know what's
f..cking wrong
you never cry out

After a few years but how should you know
she started to wreck your dream of
"marry for love".
C'mon spit it out,or strain your ears man.

Smash all your feelings,stand your man
or you gonna kiss her ass in the
best early years

You can't breathe anymore the passion is gone
You shouldn't start to draw a lesson from
What a torture

You're sick and tired of her daily terror
Can't remember the day last day without
rowes anymore
it's up to you,you better believe it

Smash your...
or your gonna..

You walk along the lanes you have sweaty palms
There's no last resort you have to go to court
you pay to be free.

Tomorrow belongs to you the suffering ends
you really can try to write this story again
Stop on the gas,don't say it with flowers

Smash all your feelings..
or you gonna...