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New Approach Lyrics

Album Name : The World
Release Date : 2008-01-29
Song Duration : 1:32

U.s. Bombs New Approach

Woke up at the motor inn I was feeling sick
Living on cottons everyday gutter hype with no veins
I need a fix, I need a front
I need a new approach, a new approach

I'm boosting good at the record store
A carton of smokes stolen credit cards
The hustle weighs a ton the daily tolls
Too much everything is hurry up and wait

Everything I get goes to the man
My life gets wasted in a bag
Had to cop on the street this alley's hot saw
The goons made the switch, here comes the squad

Started chasing us we kept on running
We never really got away, we kept on running
We never really got away
You never get away

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