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Break Lyrics

Album Name : All Is Not Well
Release Date : 2010-11-22
Song Duration : 3:27

Tura Satana Break

i'm stuck inside my mind it's ugly what i find you
think that i'm so kind this face has got you blind the
little girl will hide so pretty on the outside gonna
burn and bleed this hate is killing me
i stay awake till three i'm drownin in my sleep i know
the flesh is weak i pray my soul to keep i suffocated
with grief this monster will not leave my nightmare's
just begun i hate what iv'e become
cuz you made me to break me
i'm daddy's little girl my mommy's next to me i'd
rather kill myself than go to therapy why won't i shut
mouth? cuz youv'e got eyes like me why don't you shoot
yourself so someone dies for me mommy!
cuz you made me to hate me
i try to fight but there's no use guess i was built for
your abuse bodies bruised hands are cold vicious
thoughts i can't control shed the demons rid the past
slit my wrists so they ask... what is real? what is
pray to god i don't break
father forgive me, for i have sinned its been 2 weeks
since my last confession
don't tell me what iv'e broken you aint seen nothin yet
the glass just left me swollen it's you i'm gonna get
are you afraid of me? i think you should be i'd rather
kill myself than let you make me bleed i live in misery
and sit there quietly why don't you stab yourself so
someone dies for me mommy
no i'm not happy now you're still here next to me i'd
rather swallow shit than you infecting me i vomit
constantly while you apologize why don't you kill
yourself so someone f..ckin dies mommy

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