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Put Your Head Out Lyrics

Album Name : All Is Not Well
Release Date : 2010-11-22
Song Duration : 2:53

Tura Satana Put Your Head Out

here comes a serious subject... pro choice the
government is sayin we got no voice f..ck that cuz they
control me or tell me what to do with my body and the
same thing goes for my rappin that's right i'm smackin
man who might try to hurt me equal rights on my jersey
flirt in a mini skirt you won't see me i'm dressed down
wearin dickies and a beanie on my head, puttin punks to
bed who can't keep up dust some as then i sweep up
flip, kick the switch and i'mma rip shit quick load the
clip and i'mma grip shit tight fight the hype,
stereotype, get the lead out put your head out!
punk put your head out pro choice punk put your head
i'm inclined to use my mind cuz i'm intelligent but
that don't mean the rest of my body is irrelivant down
with the woman's action coailition w.a.c. has got my
back and i'm strapped to deal with the fools when i
break rules cuz a woman's got a right to choose and a
right to her own life first cuz the real danger comes
from a coat hanger and i dont wanna think about how
many women have tried it died from it, cuz they
hide from it now the men, once again wanna tell me why
and when i can have an abortion- i said it that's what
you heard not a four letter words written in red, i'll
take the red out... then i'll put your f..ckin head out
cuz we won't go back!
okay this is it now i'mma bust it the mic is mine when
i touch it do this smooth and prove that a woman can
move the crowd with a voice that's loud and i'm a pro-
choice advocate you want my mic- go ahead grab for it
"right to life"... a womans rights are on the
line here that's why i'm here not one, one of a million
majority and the government ain't gonna be whoring me
so i rock for choice, pay my dues cuz i'm a woman with
a right to choose "and i'm gonna fight for my

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