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Winter Lights Lyrics

Those Endless Eyes Winter Lights

Silver candles burn my fate
An infusion of air twists my flesh
Getting dark the dawn
Under the unholy wings

Ancient rituals
Forgotten gods
A mankind full of hate
Like the thunders of a storm
And destined to die
By the darkest eyes' sword

The universe
A part of constellations
A travel beyond
A pleasant dream

All my senses are absorbed
By the light of the moon
On a cold winter night
Like a shadow
Over the infinity

The sun drowns
And leaves the sky so hollow
Daylight turns to gray
Above the earth
Darkness seems to rain
Blessing those who expect hidden, lies the sorrow

With frozen wings
Shines in the mirror
Hope refuses to appear
Their sorrowful voices
Are searching for me
Winter light is flying around me

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