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The Rose Won't Sing Anymore... Lyrics

Those Endless Eyes The Rose Won't Sing Anymore...

Hi, my dear
Would you like to talk?
I'm waiting for you
Outside this door
This floor reminds me
We felt in love
The rose I'm carrying
Sings the same old song
Ill tell you something
That i know for sure
That love is blind
And can't cut you through
Come to me my spirit awaits
For you to fill this empty space
I've been so lonely
Won't be that way no more
Details in lifetime
We make them grow
The rose I'm carrying
Moves the winds below
My words are flying
To our lovely room...
Darling, please don't make me fall
I'm giving you my life, my soul
Forever carried by the tears of love
But the answer i was waiting would never come...
The door will fall not
Through my desperate storm
Fighting the waves of an unknown feeling
I never fought before
The storm doesn't matter anymore
Your eyes looked at me from that floor
My life, my soul, were taken
By the embrace of your love

Now the rose won't sing anymore
You are gone, my love

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