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Smokers Only Interlude Lyrics

Theo Ferragamo Smokers Only Interlude

[Hook: Theo Ferragamo]
Roll another one up bro
Shit I'm bout to roll one up too
*Coughing *
Hit this shit bro
I just wanna smoke and get high

[Verse: Theo Ferragamo]
I be getting high they say my weed too strong
Gotta roll another man it's been too long
Me and Han rolling zips know we way too gone
Bet you never smoked with a nigga like me
Y'all used to them sessions where you blow like three
These leaves real sticky and the buds light green
You can see the crystals glowing and ain't no muhhfukkin seeds
It's just me and the all homies burning down like firewood
The future looking bright you know I see it clear
I just left heaven now I'm headed back there
I done touched more bills than a f..cking cashier
And we all smoke good lets us roll another Blackwood
Bow our heads like we saying prayers
Rolling rolling up a marley like we in Jamaica
Another day I'm feeling greater than before
And lord knows that I've been through miracles
Yeah I made it through the smoke
And they all know they know
They can't see me like I'm cloaking
Real purple leaves know I got it out of Oakland
And it's just for the smoking supply
Just for the smoking supply
Just got the smoking supply
I just wanna smoke and get high
Make a lot of money just to spend on the supply
Going through a lot too much pressure on my mind
And we all know the remedy is getttin high

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