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Clouds (feat. Tommy Swisher) Lyrics

Theo Ferragamo Clouds (feat. Tommy Swisher)


[Verse 1: Just Theo]
I got em wondering how
They say it's my time
The older heads used to the say
I remind them of the skyline
That boy shine bright
I just hope he choose right the path
There's devil then there's angles
On his shoulders and his strong mind
Looking In the future I can see the crown
It's all mines
Been grinding for a long time
So just let us shine
These eclipsing ass haters tryna block a nigga light and all
And our government is dubbing what we fighting for
So we get our riot on
Antagonize a Quiet storm
And rap like a Pythons
To bring more dollars less drama and more sun
Most these niggas want fame
But us? We want we funds
Millions and them some
More commas then a joint sentence
Is what I'm plotting on
I ain't have a job I had to get it
If I wanna shine bright
Two steps in the limelight
I'm high so my minds right
Ready for it , that feeling you call euphoric
I'm Highly anticipated now tell me who's most important
Jeff Gordon to this track shit
But Ben with the scoring
Tongue torching madness
If I spit then it's scorching
Can't you see a nigga shine with an aura that's divine

[Hook: Tommy Swisher]
They can't f..ck with the gods no
And I've been dreaming all out
I've been on the ground too long
But I've been aiming for the clouds x2

[Outro: Tommy Swisher]

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