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BadGuyGoodGuy (feat. Retch & Ab-Soul) Lyrics

Thelonious Martin BadGuyGoodGuy (feat. Retch & Ab-Soul)

Bad Health bro
This that shit my nigga

[Verse 1: RetcH]
Tangled in this Hell hole, prolly slept with the dope packs
Nomads roaming, [?] tasting the cognac
Jakes they all adore you, so you might as well just off yourself
Awful health, Newports got me coughing up yellow shit
Pockets getting thinner, thoughts getting more devilish
Derelict, living a low life degenerate
Man's shot, mom's f..cked up, bitches is sucking dick
F..cks a rap check, so I'm still right here on this f..cking strip
Do a show for four thousand people then go and sell a zip
Go on tour then post in front the store like I ain't got a cent
Dropping packs in the hood like the UPS nigga
When I f..ck these next plates up I'ma have to get the next nigga
Or wait until the [?], said that niggas got a show (chill nigga)
And they gon' toss a lil' dough so now I'm back up on the road
But it still ain't shit cause my moms who got the house
So the [?] of these thoughts is threw the 5 for the ounce

[Verse 2: Ab-Soul]
Yo yo
You know the block is hot son, you need to chill out
You got a future ahead of you
I know you sick of the fiends fiending to get ahead to you
And risking your life
Mr. You-Know-Where-To-Find-Me-For-The-7-For-The-90, I
Know your circumstances coming up was f..cked up
But your only 21 and you ain't diss anyone, deadass
Your past is what makes your present special
F..ck a rap cheque? that cheque paid for the pack for the session
Listen lil homie, I know I'm only 27
But I kept my head down like God in Heaven and I got my blessings
A lot of my niggas doing bids tryna live like this
Beating off while we really in bitches ribs
No A-1 sauce on my filet mignon
Could make 40 off a brick, I did that in 2 shows

[Verse 3: RetcH]
[?] 'til Kendrick tossed me hundred
Now I don't f..ck with making five, don't agree with any guys
Hear what you saying but you really gotta feel me my nigga
Cause just the other day they tried to kill Trizzy my nigga
But they hit 'em in the leg, I was working in the basement
Then the news hit my phone, I'm thinking 'bout retaliation
Grab a big sized .40 or adjust it for the Uzi
Then cut the scene on them niggas, hit the block and make a movie
I pull up like I'm working on my bicepts
And break a pound in my man's crib inside the projects
Take a piss in the stairs like I ain't just leave the brib
I remember it was nights and my stomach touched my ribs
Record f..cked up, lips black, was smoking all these roaches
[?] tatted on my face, since the jump this shit was hopeless
On my birthday, no party, no cake or nothing
We was broke, what you think I sold dick for nothing (sorry)
Man's passed when I was 15 on the day that I was born
By some nigga from the hood that might have made a couple songs

[Verse 4: Ab-Soul]
Hey hey, hang on
What kind of attitude is that?
Surely not the one to reach the altitude I'm at
I ain't saying put in an application or nothing crazy
Ain't no fear in your heart?
No need to be afraid of a little patience
Like the pediatrics
They say sometime the rap game remind them of the crack game
Find a balance
Cause what they did with 16 zips, I did with 16 Raws in 2010
I know the pen ain't right, that's why I ain't use it to write
You don't even got an I.D., what laws are you abiding? (man)
Retch I ain't tryna change you, just give you some game
To make the transition, from the streets to the fame

[Verse 5: RetcH]
Yo, that shit corny, word is Bond, Soulo listen
Shoulda copped a f..cking brick when you dropped Control System
We coulda took it to the hood and bagged it 'til our hands callus
Ha, remember all that shit that you was talking about the balance?
Lil scale, lil sale, prolly do a show at Yale
Get back and the [?]
Get Mac to pay the bails

[RetcH Interlude]

[Verse 6: Ab-Soul]
Well, you do have a point there
It ain't like I ain't tryna ball like I play point here
But what if they point fingers? nigga, I'm a public figure already
Everybody seen my picture already

[Verse 7: RetcH & (Ab-Soul)]
If you play behind the workers like you play behind the shades
Do your thing up on the stage and slip out every couple days
We could chef up all the yola, put some bitches on the blade
Had the junkies sharing needles, prolly give each other aids
(Damn, guess we can get in all ways)
F..ck it, they give each other aids (Niggas is grown these days)
Yeah now you get it, catching on to it (Mhm, okay)
Had these niggas on [?], wet up that raw fluid
(But if I heard her speak) Nah, we got niggas in the streets
And they don't eat nothing but bars
You come through and they'll shoot from the car
And zoom choppers same size as guitars
And let 'em know that this trip here is ours
(I mean you ready for War) Hell yeah I'm ready for War
(Yo, f..ck all this HiiiPower talk, how much that whole thing cost?)

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