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Late Nite Shit Lyrics

Terrance Escobar Late Nite Shit

Yeah ..

This That Area 51 Shit Nigga, You know it's that Area 51 Shit Nigga

Yeah ..

Yeah ..

Yeah ..

Ayyee ..

Creep down ya' block nigga late night shit
Gotta bad lil' bitch trynna get hit
Ion really be with that sweet shit
Get ya ass rocked trynna sneak diss
Niggas be vegans, they ain't with the beef shit
Pull up on ya' hoe tell eat this
Pull up on the plug like I need this
Ain't no secret, Niggas be playing for keeps bitch

Gimme the beat, had to gone' head & step on
Heisman, had to hit the hoe with the stiff arm
Nigga talk crazy get flipped on
When the chop hit bitch sound like a thunderstorm
F..ck a old nigga, nigga mad cause he done it wrong
Ion give a f..ck bout that
I can't even f..ck with no rats
Nigga can't come to the trap
Nigga can't come where I'm @

Yeen talking money then you wasting my time
Get the f..ck off my line

Bitch wanna know my sign
I told the lil' bitch my sign $ signs

Niggas like to dick ride
How you gone' sneak diss
Then ask me for a feat. bitch ?
And I gotta freak bitch
She gone' suck the meat
Like she need it
Niggas be greedy
Leave a nigga grieving

Good grief
Put a pussy nigga onna white tee
Bitch I keep a check like Nike
She gone' throw the neck most likely
And she drink the nut like ice tea
None of these niggas nothing like me
That's why these niggas don't like me
That's why these f..ck niggas gone' stay biting

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