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Labels Lyrics

Album Name : Time Flies / Rats (Remastered)
Release Date : 2009-01-26
Song Duration : 2:17

Subhumans Labels

call me punk cos I wear a leather jacket
call me a hippy cos I believe in love
and peace
call me an idealist cos of songs like this one
you can call me what
you like I am all and none of these
chorus: fix a label on me to keepillusions happy
fix a label on me does it make you feel secure?
fix a labelon me to keep me at a distance
and I'll label you as ignorant not wanting to
know more
before we understand ourselves do we have to fight eachother?
Before we share opinions must we keep them undercover?
we classify andcategorize to keep ourselves divided
we are all individuals not the images
labels are a subtle way of keeping us in line
divided byconformity we waste away our time
we are all individuals divided by their
think again like I have done--throw away the labels!

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