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Dying World Lyrics

Album Name : The Day the Country Died
Release Date : 1991-05-20
Song Duration : 2:57

Subhumans Dying World

There's a hole at the bottom of the earth
 Where the blood pours out at the end of the day
 When the usual amount of people have died
 Sit back and watch the death and decay

 It's a dying world

 When you're living in a dying world
 Panicking becomes the everyday thing
 Buy up the food, the power and the guns
 Get used to the threat of the final fling

 It's a dying world

 There's a hole in your mind where nothing exists
 Except fear and loathing of the strange but true
 Facts that defy your inner intelligence
 Like man kills himself for something to do

 It's a dying world

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