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Killing Lyrics

Album Name : The Day the Country Died
Release Date : 1991-05-20
Song Duration : 1:49

Subhumans Killing

You, you're driving me insane
 But you know there's something wrong with my brain
 My head is really in a whirl
 Where you look just like a normal girl

 But you don't really care
 It happens everywhere
 You don't give a shit
 Forget about it, forget about it

 I was living in a plastic bag
 I dindn't know what to do
 I didn't know she was a slag
 Well what would you do?
 What would you do?


 I didn't know I killed her
 I was out of my mind
 She only wanted my money
 But she made me blind
 She made me blind


Song Meanings for Killing


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