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Crooked Figurehead Lyrics

Album Name : Rising
Release Date : 1998-02-23
Song Duration : 2:28

Stuck Mojo Crooked Figurehead

You lied, connived and pressed flesh till 1600 was your address.
The chameleon at the podium whose words cause pandamonium.
A nation under stress, you must confess about an executive mess.
You want me to believe; like Copperfield only tricks up the sleeve!
Oncea ho always a ho, you keep wheeling and killing at will.
Ever since you took oath you keep feeding the people fake hope.
Your platforms weak, plus you're a theif, you need to be impeached.
Mysterious deaths, illegal funds, oh what a mighty web you've spun!
Crooked figuredhead.
Who do you think your fooling?
Crooked figurehead.
No screening for cabinet members, they just hire family members, suicide
a tight white lie from the CIA to the FBI.
Janet Reno to the rescue, protected your boss with a flaw in the law.
Chelsea's fled the nest, Hillary's pissed , her daddy runs the biggest gang
better resist.
I heard 55.50 for a ride on Air Force One and have some fun.
Can i rent a room at the white house, invite all my friends and party out?
you've given phat deals to Camp David, but you have to be crime-related.
Diplomats get the welcome mat 'cause when you're finished in office your livin
Manipulated the youth through MTV.
Smooth. Smart. Move for the T-O-P.
Adopted Republicans' Foreign Policy, you make it look real bad for the

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