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Better Days Lyrics

Album Name : Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues
Release Date : 1996-04-23
Song Duration : 2:24

Strung Out Better Days

Some days I'm up, some days I'm
Down, some days I don't give a f..ck
About anything.
Cause yesterday I gave everything
Now I want somethin' back
Wanna end it all, wanna save the world.
Wanna take what was never mine.
I wanna shout it all out to the world.
I wanna keep it all inside
Here I am!
I'm just lookin' for
Better Days, the kind
That never seem to come
My way
So here I am
I'm just lookin' for better
Days-the kind that never
Seem to come just when
You need em' most
I remember a time, not too long
Ago when all my day's would only
Start in one shade of black-
When all the thoughts that dragged
Through my head seem to wash away
The sun
Always a dollar short and one split
Second out of time
Exiled in a memory-tonight I'll
Drink-Drink myself to sleep
I'm just part of all the madness
Here I know, that anything I
Say or do won't ever change a thing
When the words have all been
Spoken and intentions smoked away
I find myself in the same ol' shit.
The same ol' shit again
Maybe today won't be the same
Maybe I'll just stand my ground
Maybe another time another place
I'll float myself right outta here
Under the influence of reality.
Some days I drive myself insane
Some days I'm all I've got
Some days I'm tired of seeing
The world take everyting I've got
It's hard to get it right when doin'
Wrong is all you know
I'll take my chance when tomorrow
Comes with a little luck I'll grow

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