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Shipwreck Lyrics

Album Name : Self Titled
Release Date : 2013-04-24
Song Duration : 3:37

Straight From The Roots Shipwreck

Decades of decrepit traits. Unsure of what I represent. This life is a cluster of intervals that will never meet. Lose the anchor. Today we sail weightless. Its seem like you’ll always be forgotten but,at the same time you we never acknowledge!Befriended by the current. Accepted by life form as they feed off of your remains. While we are in search of land forms. In tides you forever remain. For I will move forward without the concept of weight. I hope your hearing me f..cking fathoms deep. We are in search of life forms. How could you accept the fact, that your darkest hour has f..cking yet to pass. You will slowly erode into black. Those words you said, I will not fail you!With the skin of a thousand whales. I trust that the layers will faded slowly.Decades of your wicked ways. Buried. Excepted by life forms. Oceans deep. For they will prosper, without the rest. You were the shipwreck. Led by hurricanes. Your Fathoms Deep. Live your meaningless life.I will lay on ground this sinking ship.

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