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Construct Lyrics

Album Name : Self Titled
Release Date : 2013-04-24
Song Duration : 3:01

Straight From The Roots Construct

Stranger, why provide the lies.
you only built up the hike.
the peak of our high.
we live for this.
i want to show you the end of you being.
we illustrate delirium,
the depths in which in which you came from.
your nothing but a lead, a f..cking parasite.
why provide the lies?
this fatal disease is what you bring, home.
this is home and we are feeling at home.
recheck the vital signs more than once.
your too far gone.
prove us wrong.
dear stranger you could neevr erase this
we dream in tones and we chase it
how will it feel to know that you are the faceless?
This is the map to your self destruction!
Martyr why provide?
These are the eyes of a deprived past.
Well i am the overcast.

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