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Borrowed Time Lyrics

Album Name : Catastrophe
Release Date : 2004-07-18
Song Duration : 2:16

Stockyard Stoics Borrowed Time

I lived fifty-four dollars today
I threw all of my chances away
To get what I want
To be all that I dream
Chalk one more up for the American scream

Less life by the hour
Life on a dime!
Whose dime? Not ours
On borrowed time!

Time to find out how far we will go
To paint a pretty picture
To star in our own show
To get ahead and wake the dead and pay the f..cking rent
The road is paved with glory days and memories of all the life that has
been spent


On borrowed time

Time's up!
And what's the chance that we'll reap what we have sown?
Harvest youthful idealism from the direction we have grown?
Are you punching the clock or is it punching you?
I don't know how you're holding up, but man, I'm nursing one hell of a bruise


How will we be?
Will we be free?
Will we still dream of all the endless possibilities?
Will we still laugh?
Will we still cry?
Will we still change our minds?
Will we still wonder why?
Will you remember me?
Will we recall what's going to be?

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