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Ravenous Lyrics

Album Name : Catastrophe
Release Date : 2004-07-18
Song Duration : 2:26

Stockyard Stoics Ravenous

I don't want to wind up as a wingnut preacher
Rant like this, smell like that
I don't mean to make it as no money creature
Spend like that, bend like this
Just gotta be, just wanna be, just trying to be a little free
I just wanna be no monotony

You don't intend to turn out as a TV gobot
Spin like this, smile like that
Never dreamed of dropping as a deadbeat one-shot
Fold like that, coast like this
Just gotta have, just wanna have, just trying to have something to do
You just want to be every dream come true

All our lives every hour of every day
All our lives there's a shadow along the way
All our lives we pick a path through need and greed
All our lives cold winds blow and heavens bleed

They feed it and it doesn't eat
Knock it out, won't stay asleep
Beat it and it doesn't cry
They've killed it time again and it just won't die

Always wanting more
No end in sight

Lord I want to make it as the star of my own show
Front like this, free like that
And I just hope we know when we should let it all go
Out like that, don't look back
Just gotta get, just wanna score, just hoping for a little more
We just gotta be what we are


To the lonely ones may all dreams come true
Somewhere out there's a place for me and you
In the damp and in the dark and in the deep
There's a place to lay these old bones down to sleep
Lay me down to sleep

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