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Time Machine Lyrics

Album Name : Star Trek, Vol. 2: The Doomsday Machine and Amok Time (Original Television Sound
Release Date : 1991-09-01
Song Duration : 2:33

Spock Time Machine

I'm lost in a time machine
All alone with a black, blank screen
I'm lost in a time machine
I'm lost in a time machine
The computer doesn't understand what I mean
I'm lost in a time machine
In a time far away from now
I'm swirling around but I don't know how
It doesn't matter which button I press
Nothing happens at all
Through the time I fall and fall and fall...
How could I miss the warning light
If I hadn't I wouldn't be out of sight
I'm out of water, I'm out of food
It's getting hard to breath, this doesn't look good
I'm losing my senses, I'm losing my mind
I hope somebody finds me soon here out in the time

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