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Black Hole Lyrics

Spock Black Hole

Our latest tour was now fulfilled
A few got hurt but nobody got killed
Now we're heading home again
Everybody's happy - but then...
Enterprise didn't react correct
Had something broke, was anything defect
Seconds later we had lost control
Was this the end, our final patrol
We all got worried, we got surprised
Close to panic after many tries
An unknown force pulled us to the right
There was nothing we could do, not even fight
We're being trapped in a black hole
Without a change to flee
We're being trapped in a black hole
Nobody hears our radio plea
Outside the ship the lights went by
"Emergency situation", I heard the captain cry
All of the crew now went to their posts
For a final attack on this universal ghost
We managed to turn around
The engines roared with a scaring sound
But the speed against the star decreased
Could we win, should we be released
I tried to realize the situation
Computers said this was a free location
So how could this star surprise us like this
Or was it a new weapon from the Lunartics

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