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Neutral Zone Lyrics

Album Name : Earth Orbit: Live
Release Date : 2013-12-27
Song Duration : 4:16

Spock Neutral Zone

Another mission is now complete
Everything seems okay
Suddenly an emergency signal
Not so far away
Without hesitation we turn around
Full speed ahead to the source of the sound
But the signal is weak and hard to locate
Maybe we are too late
Searching the area for a while
No starship around
Sensor readings give us no result
Nothing at all to be found
Without any warning the engine breaks down
We can't figure out why
Maybe this scene is some kind of a trap
And we are supposed to die
In the neutral zone
We are all alone
In the neutral zone
We'd better get away
There's no reason to stay
In the neutral zone
Computer screen is now telling us
Right where we are
In a restricted area, on a borderline
Close to a big, big star
On the other side are the Romulans
If they find us here we'll have no chance
Being here is an act of war
We'd better get out before...
Repeat chorus

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