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Charlie X Lyrics

Spock Charlie X

We picked him up in the universe
From another starship around
He had crash landed on a planet out here
And fourteen years later he was found
From the very beginning he acted very strange
But okay, he'd been alone for a while
And maybe that also was the reason why
He really behaved like a child
But when he didn't get what he really wanted
Things started to go wrong
Charlie X, Charlie X
Full of power but still a child
Charlie X, Charlie X
You'd better obey or he will really go wild
He fell in love with Yeoman, played chess with Spock
But he couldn't win those games
Now he got mad, things were destroyed and disappeared
But he still showed respect for James
We now realized the strength of his power
And wondered what he would do
Would he play around with us for a while
Then get tired and kill us too
But when he had the ship under total control
The Beings came and brought him home
Repeat chorus

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