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Verdict Lyrics

Spina Bifida Verdict

Manslaughter, frenzied action, lost desires.
Thus sentenced, time's slowed down since you're here.
Fugitive existence, made way for apathetic waiting.
Thoughts crossed your mind, adrenaline excreted.
Death's collecting, your time is gone now you're on.
Dementing scare rips the hope, useless anyway.
Indigestion, bile is all you taste.
Heart pounding, perspiring body, muscles trembling.
Lights slithering along you, when you pass the hallway.
The room approaching, life's still strong but doubtfull soon.
Arms are clasped, tighting straps, poison prepared.
Immunity is a joke, or would you prefer some volts.
The needle penetrating, unleashing evil in your blood.
Scorching it's way to your brain.
Muscles, contracting, spinning eyeball,
Afflicting your body, 'till last convulsion has gone.

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