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Individual Lyrics

Spina Bifida Individual

I'll see the eyes, that looked in mine
Always hiding the thruth from me
The spirit of the individual.
Screaming with my mouth shut
Pretending nothing has happened
Cause there's no-one left to blame.
Cruel images, clouding my vision.
Am I what I planned to do
The haunt for contonent and mutaual concessions
Or am I what I am competent of.
Does life seem worth while to you.
Looking for the dream that keeps coming back
The images of our desting oblivion
It should help me help myself.
But my tortured brain tells me
I've reached for the answers to soon.
So don't follow me I'm lost too.
The world expects a pose
I love a thousend yet none
One by one, alone in silence, we stand
In line
Screaming without making a sound.

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