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Sun I Call Lyrics

Album Name : The Circular Drain
Release Date : 2008-02-01
Song Duration : 5:02

Solefald Sun I Call

Sun I call burning wheel
Sword I call wolf of steel

Star I call sword of light
Rune I call sign in stone

Man I call tree that thinks
Earth I call grave of men

God I call not of earth
Sky I call home of gods

Sea I call flock of waves
Ship I call horse at sea

Mount I call giant dead
Wind I call Midgard's breath

Life I call kiss of gods
Fire I call wrath of life

Love I call lust for more
Child I call made of love

Name I call eternal life
Worth I call what lives on

Law I call hard as Hel
Fear I call unjust law

King I call head of men
Queen I call pride of king

Dream I call what is not
Time I call Odin's dream

World I call Yggdrasil
Death I call end of all

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