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Time Goes Slow Lyrics

Album Name : The Sly Caps - EP
Release Date : 2002-12-01
Song Duration : 2:54

Sly Caps Time Goes Slow

Time goes slow 
when you're not here 
I wait alone 
for your call dear 

you're leavin soon 
for New york dear 
it's almost noon 
I wish you were here 

Cause when your gone I'm left alone 
nobody callin' on the phone 
even though you're happy 
I just want you for me 
to have alone 
time goes slow 

follow your dreams 
make it big there 
I know you can 
you always did here 

and when you do 
will you call me 
cause if you don't 
that would kill me 


Song Meanings for Time Goes Slow

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