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When We're Alive Lyrics

Sloppy Wrenchbody When We're Alive

Just before the day breaks
in the wee hours of the morning
I hear the cats cry
my inner vision
is a babyface yawning
I guess it's always like that
when we're alive.
Yes! We are alive
Don't forget
we are alive.
N.Y. cat wrote back
after 3 years lack of contact
just to state
that she was still kicking
sure as hell
there are bumps in the road
but time was still ticking
it's like that, when we're alive.
Is the joke still clean
when it's your own face
up on the screen?
I can't explain the dream
but we laugh in our sleep
when we're alive.
I'm your fool at nite
the mad clown in the lite
if I'm the pilot
will you trust the flight?
will you crawl off and die
or will you stay and be alive?

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