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Give Satan A Hug Lyrics

Size 14 Give Satan A Hug

Verse 1:
I picked up the telephone and called the information, I said wanted that
Number for the local church of Satan, I wrote down the number on a scrap of
Paper and then I called him on the phone, (then I called him on the phone)

He answered in his deep dark voice and said that he was crying, I asked why
Are you sad, cuz everyone is lying, saying he's the reason so many people
Are dying, he feels like he is all alone.

I know it's hard to forget about, what the old folks always scream and
Shout, they say that Satan's a really bad guy (but it's not true).

Give Satan a Hug and tell him that you love him.
Give Satan a hug and sell your soul to him.
Cuz it's hard to be the king of the under world, and it's hard to be the
Guy with the pointy tail.

Verse 2:
I was walking down the street and a lady came up to me and said Jesus
Christ is coming back, he's gonna raise up from the dead, I better get
Ready cuz if I don't I'll be seeing red and then I'm gonna burn in hell.

Satan told me that that's not the case he's gonna kick his ass, then he's
Gonna give everyone in the world a bag of grass after that it will be like
When T Rex says, life's a gas, everything will be real swell. (everything
Will be real swell)

Chorus 2 repeat...

Post Chorus:
Satan's a man he's just a normal guy, Satan's a man you shouldn't make him

Bridge: Satan, I know your down there, and I've been thinking about you a
Me and all the guys in Size 14 were gonna give you a great big hug!

Chorus repeat with gang vocals... END

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