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Bet I Bounce Back Lyrics

Album Name : Black Out
Release Date : 2008-10-31
Song Duration : 4:04

Pro Bet I Bounce Back

You ainít gotta say it boy, I can tell you madÖI can see it in your eyes. But all that energy you putting on hatin on meÖyou should use it to get your grind right. Nah I mean

Now what you know about that..try to knock me down but I bet I bounce back
I said bet I bounce backÖbet I bounce back boy I bet I bounce back. (2X)

Verse 1

This rap game turn ya best friends to enemies, and I can see that you prolly want to enter me
Thatís just motivation, I seldom listen to hatin, cause see your league got it locked thatís the reason ya hated.
If I was ashy and didnít know nothing you would love it while you covet , Lord help me rise above it.
Playin God..He the reason why I ainít poor, Iím focused on the Lord tell me why you trippin for,
You should do the same while you saltin up my name, I try to make the change..YOU try to run game,
You wanna play then Iíll take you to the park, besides that, close ya mouth boy, ya betta play your part

Verse 2

Now I can tell that you donít like it but Godís the all protect..why try to fight it bruh?
They try to knock me but I still hit the ground running, Iím HUNGRY pimpin PLEASE keep that hate comin
Just give me more of a reason to get my grind right, I still shine but God in the lime light,
I let Him guide me so He order my steps, waiting on my demise, donít hold your breath
Iíll never quitÖfootin never slip, shoulda did your homework about who you messin with
Son of the Most High, Pro be the most fly, I bounce back every time homie. Why try?

Verse 3

My brother said donít worry bout it if they try to spite me, cause if they hatin on you then you doin something right
You not opposed if people donít see you as a threat, been hit a couple times, I ainít fell down yet
I see the jealousy and envy ahead of me, I turn the other check cause I donít want a felony
I been changed but I still battle with my rage, just bein honest you donít like it then turn the page
I bet you rather see me go astray, let it be told you be happy if I die today
I hate to disappoint you pimpin but Iím here stillÖand you can tell ya homeboy that Iím still real

Iíma tell you something pimpinÖthis right here is for everybody thatís goin stand no matta what come against you. See you can hate on me..Iím good with that..but when it come down to itÖif you hate me you hate my Fatha! If you hatin on me you hatin on my Fatha! Ö. I love!

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