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Into And Out Of Lyrics

People With Bodies Into And Out Of

I realized my dad's a loner
I think that I'm a loner too.
Went to a party, lots of people that I knew
I had to leave
I never say goodbye to anyone.

I walked my bike across the city;
the wheels worked fine but my head was spinning.
And every thought another baseball card
scraped against the spokes
I keep avoiding folks.

When I'm home I need to get out.
When I'm out I need to leave.

My mom says that I don't try enough.
But every time I try it seems so tough.
And every one that I know that has someone
seems to stay home having fun
watching netflix and f..cking.

I don't want to become stagnant
a rotten pool creative fragment
Maybe I want something
no one can give me
not even myself.

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