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Still Lyrics

People With Bodies Still

We walked into the graveyard
the gate was open.
Winter night in São Paulo,
we came back we were locked in.
10 foot wall all around us
razor wire spiral above,
catacombs right between us.
I climbed up just enough.

Sprawled out on top of a Portuguese last name
woman I could not have known.
I've never seen you.
Eu nunca vi você.

Saw the forest on fire,
I stood still, became a tree.
Saw myself across the valley
swaying in the breeze
Winter night in Florípa,
parking lot filled with tombs.
On the wind, heard Bossa Nova.
Bury me into the dunes.
I'm a grave now.
Portuguese name now.
I'm a grave now.

I am here now
You are here now
Eu estou aqui
Você está, também.
It's just us now, standing still.

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