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Things Lyrics

Album Name : 14 Songs
Release Date : 1993-06-07
Song Duration : 3:22

Paul Westerberg Things

Things I wanna tell you
How you make me feel
How you look to me
And how good it feels

Things I don't wanna tell you
Every little thing's all right
What I was before
And where I was last night

Always things
All these things
Always things

Things I try to tell you
But come out oh so wrong
Seem to feel pretty good
Seem to last pretty long

Things I don't wanna tell you
Now there ain't no doubt
You lit a fire in me
Can't seem to put out

Always things
All these things

Things I long to tell you
But I don't know how
Things I don't wanna tell you
But I have to now
Packed my things

Things I'm bound to tell you
Like that dress looks great on you
I could use some breathing room
But I'm still in love with you

Things I'd never tell you
Down the line someday
You'll be a song I sing
A thing I give away

Pack my things today
I packed my things today
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