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Seein Her Lyrics

Paul Westerberg Seein Her
(german "world class fad" b-side, "knockin on mine" promo non-album track)

In my dreams, I'm seein her
In his genes/jeans, I'm seein her
Yeah, it's true, makin' love to you
I'm seein her

Everything about her, I like everything about her, I like everything about
Seein her

In headlight beams, I'm seein her
In my dreams, I'm seein her
Shadows she throws--and no one knows
I'm seein her

He doesn't want you to share
He wants to play romeo and juliet? I'll play peter pan [perrett? ]!

Owed you the truth, and so I swear it
Yeah I want you too and I just can't bear it
Better soon, I'm seein her
In the afternoon, I'm seein her

It's funny, it's true--i'll be seeing you
I'm seein her
I can't believe it's her
Seein her

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